Interesting article about NSA facility and capabilities

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Tue Mar 27 12:05:46 BST 2012

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012 11:16:49 +0100
Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:

> In article <20120327103630.00004833 at>, Brian 
> Morrison <bdm at> writes
> >I wondered if this might be an attempt to discourage the use of
> >encryption for email in particular, after all they're not going to be
> >able to discourage it for online commerce.
> Does anyone encrypt email, SMTP email that is, rather than picking up 
> from

Some of us don't use gmail for anything important. I'd be very happy to
use encryption as a matter of course if I could get my correspondents
to do the same, but it's not easy to arrange that.

> I'm very much in the "it shows you have something to hide" camp on
> that.

All my SMTP mail is encrypted in transit (as is a fair proportion of
email travelling between MTAs), that doesn't seem to indicate anything
other than good sense.


Brian Morrison

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