latest plans to monitor internet use in the UK

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> >> Looks like "RIPA Part 2 Chapter 2" v2.0 for disclosure, but doesn't
> go
> >> beyond the Data Retention Directive's existing scope for gathering
> the data.
> >> The TAB's role is extended to include comms data gathering as well
> as
> >> interception.
> >
> >In principle it allows the government to force data retention much
> >more widely than the directive. It can impose obligations on anyone
> >for the purpose.
> Are you referring to the missing "public" in front of "Telecomms
> Operators"? Perhaps an attempt to bring large private networks like
> Janet into the fray.
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> Roland Perry

I'd noticed the absence of "public". Actually as far as I can see the definition of "telecommunications providers" covers pretty much every organisation in the land (and most homes too). No idea whether it's deliberate (could it just be a cut'n'paste from the RIPA access powers?), or targeted at us. 

If anyone had asked I'd have pointed out the usual problem for anyone who wants to "measure Janet" (remember, we serve researchers, who have such sweet ideas!): multiple paths everywhere within the network and for most external links too (our customers regard JCB-resistance as higher priority than bandwidth nowadays), backbone links running at 100Gbps and a even a lot of customer access links in the multi-Gbps resilient range. That's a lot of black boxes plus some clever packet re-assembly too.


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