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>> This is all far too technology specific to be of use making law, 
>>however. You simply have to assume that there will be a Bob [who is 
>>outside the UK], and he will get the message.

>(I have inferred that in context Bob is outside the UK.)

Indeed, sorry I didn't make that clear.

>So its a connected world where the connections are mostly not visible 
>to the sender, and one hopes that our legislators wake up to that.
>Physical world analogue: if I send a letter by Royal Mail, I don't 
>routinely know if the intended recipient gets it, and I assume that the 
>Law Enforcement officers can look at it if they have just cause.

What's important is whether they are looking at just the outside, or 
what's inside the envelope (the latter being a whole lot more difficult 
to do legally for both mail and email).
Roland Perry

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