sorry, but ...

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Thu Jul 26 15:40:54 BST 2012

On 26/07/2012 14:10, Roland Perry wrote:
> A huge assumption. My Facebook friends are literally all over the 
> world. Even someone with a UK-based work life is quite likely to have 
> at least one relative abroad.
I nearly wrote something including that I have only one known relative 
abroad, and she's a recluse... (But then remembered that a diligent 
distant cousin living in the UK, with the help of another relative 
abroad, has found a lot but mostly deceased). Anyway I'm no fan of those 
social internet networks whose owners' main aim is to make money (or 
share value).

Then I read in Roland's posting:

> This is all far too technology specific to be of use making law, 
> however. You simply have to assume that there will be a Bob [who is 
> outside the UK], and he will get the message.
(I have inferred that in context Bob is outside the UK.)

So its a connected world where the connections are mostly not visible to 
the sender, and one hopes that our legislators wake up to that.

Physical world analogue: if I send a letter by Royal Mail, I don't 
routinely know if the intended recipient gets it, and I assume that the 
Law Enforcement officers can look at it if they have just cause.


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