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> >Which is why I said that such phones should be switched off, if
> >necessary for the entire time that the kidnapping is being done.  
> I think what we are missing here is whether or not the location of the 
> ransom call is correlated with where the victim is being held, or where 
> any of the kidnappers lives or did the planning. Without wishing to give 
> anyone ideas, the objective here is to anonymise the location, or if not 
> make sure it's "none of the above".

Have a look at Frederick Forsyth's "The Negotiator". A kidnapper in it,
although not using mobile phones, uses payphones at many different
locations around the M25. He also uses a name that the authorities try
to, but can't, link to any previously known criminals, eventually it
turns out to have been a composite of the letters in the registration
plate of the first car he owned decades before and is thus not linkable
to him except by means of extreme lateral thinking.

But heck, it's obvious that to carry out a perfect untraceable
kidnapping and to obtain and keep the funds realised would require
skills that even the most capable agencies on the planet can't achieve
reliably so it's a tall order for anyone short of knowledge and


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