Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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Wed Jan 11 15:54:47 GMT 2012

In article <20120111152903.66df0d85 at peterson.fenrir.org.uk>, Brian 
Morrison <bdm at fenrir.org.uk> writes
>> | and that they have a number of other PAYG phones to use for other calls
>> | which they dispose of carefully after use
>> I'm not sure how kidnapper using a fresh PAYG phone for each call makes
>> any difference (to this exact scenario).  Simply given knowledge of what
>> cell each call was made from, the police can look for *other* phones nearby
>> on multiple occasions.
>Which is why I said that such phones should be switched off, if
>necessary for the entire time that the kidnapping is being done.

I think what we are missing here is whether or not the location of the 
ransom call is correlated with where the victim is being held, or where 
any of the kidnappers lives or did the planning. Without wishing to give 
anyone ideas, the objective here is to anonymise the location, or if not 
make sure it's "none of the above".
Roland Perry

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