Unsecured wifi might be contributory negligence

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Sat Feb 18 09:28:45 GMT 2012

In article <429A15D70E6DD718A797A000 at cse-rjhpc.cse.bris.ac.uk>, Richard 
Hopkins <richard.hopkins at bristol.ac.uk> writes
>What about unsecured *public* networks (as provided by some City 
>Councils, for example)? Are they even legal in the UK?
>"A provider of a public electronic communications service must take 
>appropriate technological and organisational measures to safeguard the 
>security of its services..."

I think the problem is that people use the word "security" to mean a 
whole range of different (and sometimes conflicting) things.

The ICO probably means that the services should be free from the risk of 
eavesdropping, whereas many law enforcement agencies would say that it 
means gathering data on the users so that bomb plots can be foiled.
Roland Perry

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