Unsecured wifi might be contributory negligence

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>Ladder keepers might fall prey to the doctrine of 'attractive nuisance'.
You have a duty to protect children against the dangers of anything they may
find attractive but not recognise as dangerous.


>Originally the danger itself needed to be attractive (e.g. a swimming
pool), but I understand that some jurisdictions now consider any unguarded
danger to be an attractive nuisance.


>In particular, a warning sign may be considered inadequate protection,
especially if the child is too young to read it.


Could you elaborate on this doctrine and whether it is a legal one? It's new
to me.

Sounds as though it could be used for almost anything - children being
evolutionally programmed (like adults) to be curious about new experiences:
does the duty (if there is one) extend to adults and how is it defined?


Do guardians of children have a corresponding duty to prevent them
experiencing anything not legally guaranteed to be totally free from any
risk whatsoever?


And how is this enforced?


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