Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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Tue Feb 7 16:48:18 GMT 2012

In article <4F314F26.8020409 at iosis.co.uk>, Peter Tomlinson 
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>Mysteriously, on the motorways I have seen very few illegal plates...

The only time my numberplate was challenged was when pulled over on a 
motorway specifically to check it (they said). Luckily I'd recently been 
reading some geekish stuff [2] about the spacing of numberplates, and 
was confident it was legal (and not just that, spaced completely 
normally[3] without even trying to bend the rules).

They seemed a bit peeved, but the kerning[1] on the number I have does 
make it look rather more spaced out than it would be with different 

[1] Or more exactly the lack of it, as decreed in the regulations.
[2] Currently V796.
[3] 61mm[4] per letter, with an extra 20mm between the two halves.
[4] No idea where this comes from, it's not sufficiently close to 2.5"
     for example, and if metric why not 60mm?
Roland Perry

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