Transaction history of Paywave cards

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>> The vast majority of users have season tickets - are those storable 
>>on  a Paywave card?

>They will be stored in the back office - this is ticketless travel, 
>which we all have to get our heads around...

So when you buy a season ticket you'll have extra options like 
"associate this with my Paywave card", as well as "load this onto my 
ITSO", "load this onto my Oyster", and "print it on a bit of dead tree".

The only extension I've seen any mention of is the "load this onto my 
ITSO", which is apparently going to work [in London] late in 2013 at the 
same time as the Paywave card is acceptable on all modes.


And getting back to my original question, that I still feel I need an 
answer to, how does a ticket inspector do his job in a regime of 
ticketless travel?

>>> There may of course be a risk of loss of loyalty to the Oyster brand 
>>>as existing users convert to using bank cards, but no matter: as I 
>>>indicated earlier, the aim is to facilitate the movement of people 
>>>round London. Visitors to the country who bring full fat bank cards 
>>>should have no problem using them on London's public transport
>> Not currently, because they only accept UK-issued Paywave cards.
>So next upgrade or three (in conjunction with MC and Visa) they will be 
>accepting incoming cards...

Speculation, or do you know this as a fact?

Roland Perry

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