Transaction history of Paywave cards

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Sat Dec 15 15:39:50 GMT 2012

On 15/12/2012 15:24, Roland Perry wrote:
> Once the system has been rolled out across all our services, fares will
>>> be capped like Oyster.
> Agreed. It's the details of the implementation we are interested in.

Well, they are actually very busy people, because, as well as rolling 
out all the rest of the contactless bank card scheme, the next phase 
they are now working on (IOP3, being I believe the third release of 
'ITSO on Prestige'). Next comes integration with the ATOC/RSP project 
SEFT (South East Flexible Ticketing, currently being developed) for 
through travel to and from traditional heavy rail services that will be 
using ITSO method electronic National Rail tickets.


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