Transaction history of Paywave cards

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Sat Dec 15 15:24:15 GMT 2012

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Ben Clifford <benc at> writes
>The previously posted contactless-on-bus URL points to this other URL:
>My three highlights:
>> you'll also be able to check your journey history online,

That sounds helpful, although perhaps you'll have to register your 
Paywave card separately with TfL, rather than getting this information 
online from your credit card supplier??

>> And because everything will be managed by your card issuer, it means the
>> whole system is secure. There's no need for PIN numbers, and at no point
>> will we have access to your account.

Other than to deduct money from it, clearly.

>> Once the system has been rolled out across all our services, fares will
>> be capped like Oyster.

Agreed. It's the details of the implementation we are interested in.
Roland Perry

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