Transaction history of Paywave cards

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>  I'm sure the contactless credit cards have  transaction history, for
>> fraud investigation & enforcing limits on the number of transaction without
>> entering a PIN.
>> I have not read the EMV standard for contactless cards, but that would
>> contain details
> I've read through a 200-page spec today and there's no mention of writing
> anything to the card. Indeed, the card is allowed to be removed from the RF
> field of the reader before the latter has even started to authenticate the
> transaction, let alone in a postion to tell the card that it's been
> successful.

Sorry, I made a wrong assumption then.

The BBC News story & film do not show any paper ticket being issued .. some
of the readers shown look like those from the middle of the bendy buses and
so could not issue a paper ticket anyway.

An alternative way for ticket inspection to work is that the inspector's
card reader first fetches a list of card unique (serial) ids from the bus
readers for the current journey, and can then compare those with the credit
cards presented for inspection.

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