More on the "Identity Assurance programme "

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Tue Nov 1 06:27:45 GMT 2011

Once again, this is only about securing access to public sector web 
sites and services, not an open project (cf USA NSTIC programme).

I'm facing here a discontinuity between this new material and the 
previous G-Digital project reports, but that's probably because for 
personal reasons I have been occupied elsewhere for over a month. Can 
anyone explain if this programme is an evolution of G-Digital (which 
appeared to have only Cabinet Office and DoH involved when I last looked)?


On 01/11/2011 01:32, Chris Salter wrote:
> Hello UKCrypto,
> Cabinet Office Press Release:
> Francis Maude promises £10 million in funding for Digital by Default 
> delivery programme.
> Opening Paragraphs.
> As part of the Government's commitment to delivering world-class 
> digital products, today the Minister for Cabinet Office Francis Maude 
> announced the Identity Assurance programme would be receiving an extra 
> £10 million in funding.
> The Identity Assurance programme deals with the way a service provider 
> can be assured that the customer or user is who they say they are as 
> they access Government services.
> Francis Maude made the announcement at the 'Ensuring Trusted Services 
> with the new Identity Assurance Programme' event. Speaking to heads of 
> leading UK technology firms he updated them on the Identity Assurance 
> programme and issued a call to action for companies to work with the 
> UK Government to develop solutions for the project.
> End Quote.
> or

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