Data Retention of Calling Parties

John Wilson tugwilson at
Thu Jan 27 13:58:20 GMT 2011

On 27 January 2011 12:46, Roland Perry <lists at> wrote:
> In article <ADB18AB1-785C-4DF6-B815-928F3FF11DC5 at>, Ian Batten
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> Whereas Mr Mitchell (McCann's spokesperson, in the news last week) didn't
> seem to have gone that far - his investigations with Vodafone seemed to stop
> at the point where calls (to customer services rather than voicemail) were
> made impersonating him. I got the impression from his description that
> Vodafone had retained the notes of the conversation, but not the traffic
> data.

My recollection of his Radio 4 interview was that he asked for the
details some considerable time after the event so the caller details
were not available but the notes on the database were.

John Wilson

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