Data Retention of Calling Parties

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Thu Jan 27 12:46:39 GMT 2011

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Batten <igb at> writes
>So the story appears to run that Sienna Miller's step-mother, finding 
>that someone other than her was attempting to change the PIN on her 
>voice mail, was able to get a court order forcing Vodafone to reveal 
>the number of the calling party that attempted to make the change and, 
>later, to connect that number with a name.

Whereas Mr Mitchell (McCann's spokesperson, in the news last week) 
didn't seem to have gone that far - his investigations with Vodafone 
seemed to stop at the point where calls (to customer services rather 
than voicemail) were made impersonating him. I got the impression from 
his description that Vodafone had retained the notes of the 
conversation, but not the traffic data.
Roland Perry

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