Digital Economy Act update, draft SI

James Firth james2 at
Tue Jan 25 18:23:10 GMT 2011

> For anyone on this list following the progress of the Digital Economy
> Act,
> I got a tip that Ofcom has released a draft of the Statutory Instrument
> for
> the Initial Obligations Code as required by the enabling primary
> legislation
> passed last year.

Update: I just got hold of a list of EC questions and concerns submitted to
the UK "competent authority" in respect of the above mentioned draft SI.

I published them and blogged about them here:

For me the stand-out concern relates so compatibility with the so-called
"Authorisation Directive" (2002/20/EC) which could, given the limited
information I have at the moment (I don't for example have the UK
government's response - if any) form further grounds for challenge from

James Firth

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