Digital Economy Act update, draft SI

James Firth james2 at
Fri Jan 21 08:03:54 GMT 2011

> Just spotted an article this morning in the FT
> (;
> most of it is about the decline in growth in music sales (based on an
> IFPI report), but it ends:
> "The coalition government is also reviewing intellectual property law
> relating to the internet. Asked by Julian Huppert, a Liberal Democrat
> MP, whether the digital economy act might be repealed, Nick Clegg,
> deputy prime minister, said that he agreed "there are legitimate
> concerns about the workability of some aspects of the Digital Economy
> Act. The government are looking actively at those questions now, and we
> will make an announcement in due course."
> He added: "This government do not believe that people should be able to
> share content unlawfully but we are disappointed that the industry has
> not made faster progress towards adapting its business models to meet
> consumer demand.""

This was from Oral Questions to the DPM on Tuesday - I saw someone tweeting
about this but forgot to follow it up when Hansard was available so many
thanks for this.

I'm not sure it has much significance.  I'm hearing from my contacts that
one of the loudest voiced of opposition is coming from libraries and other
public intermediaries.

I went to a session last year at the British Library on the subject of
public intermediaries and the DEA and they had a very focussed area of

I know from very well placed sources that opposition from public libraries
in particular is putting pressure on Ofcom.

Meanwhile a reminder that the DCMS select committee is conducting a parallel
enquiry into the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Online.

Submissions are open until 23rd March (day after the next JR hearing is due
to open on 22nd
at the High Court):

James Firth

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