Law halts "speculative invoicing" activity

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Tue Jan 25 18:17:06 GMT 2011

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> I have not checked, but feel sure if I did the relevant Act would only
> prohibit the making available of a copyrighted work  ....'without the
> consent of the copyright(s) holder(s)' or something similar.

That's basically right. Making the work available is an "act
restricted by copyright" (section 18)

The copyright owner has an exclusive right to do the acts restricted
by copyright (section 2)

Section 16(2) reminds us of this right and tells us that it is an
infringement to do any of those acts without the copyright owner's
permission (licence), but subject to Chapter III and Chapter VII. That
last "subject to" is important as Chapter III includes all the fair
dealing exceptions that make something that would otherwise be an
infringement not so.

... and then section 96 actually tells you that the copyright owner
can sue you for infringement. If that makes it "illegal" then I guess
that's enough.

Francis Davey

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