Law halts "speculative invoicing" activity

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> > Law firm ACS: Law stops 'chasing
> illegal file-sharers
> >
> I was just reading that.  I'm not sure how much
> evidence there is to support
> Mr Crossley's assertions:
> "I have ceased my work...I have been subject to criminal
> attack. My e-mails
> have been hacked. I have had death threats and bomb
> threats," he said in the
> statement, read to the court by MediaCAT's barrister Tim
> Ludbrook."
> I'm reminded of this great piece on Andrew Crossley and
> ACS:Law
> s-man-wants-a-word-with-you....html

Hi James,

I'm not so sure you could call this anything other than a great piece of disinfo, as usual, from the Daily Laughagraph (nb:  din't read the other link):  

"The law was certainly on their side in one respect: under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, it’s illegal to make a copyright work available for download by others on a file-sharing network"

This of course is a WHOLLY misleading statement (note that it is made with reassuring/absolute certainty, too; the way the best disinfo-artists always slip it in [i.e. in an otherwise AFAICS correct article, where you won't notice it) ;)).

I have not checked, but feel sure if I did the relevant Act would only prohibit the making available of a copyrighted work  ....'without the consent of the copyright(s) holder(s)' or something similar.

Anyone correct that?




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