Starmer dumps doormat?

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On 22 January 2011 11:17, Roland Perry <lists at>wrote:

> In article <731509C0-5F9D-4D2B-91ED-21B0FA91FA05 at>, Ian
> Batten <igb at> writes
> Perhaps the sender has given consent by leaving the message on what he can
> presumably identify as an answering machine service that might be accessed
> by multiple household members, and the recipient similarly has given consent
> for all household members to dial 1571.

In which case, are you lawfully allowed to listen passed the "traffic data",
"This is a message for Jennifer"?

And do you want, hypothetically, your kids listening to some of your
messages? Even though you can stop them dialling 1571 (at, least, not
without attracting the attention of the s.s.)


Matthew Pemble
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