nationwide interception of Facebook & webmail logincredentialsin Tunisia

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Mon Feb 7 11:18:37 GMT 2011

On 07/02/2011 11:01, Nicholas Bohm wrote:
>    PKI is too far beyond intuitive common sense
> Nicholas
Now maybe but later it could happen at the level of trusting the methods 
that use it. How many people actually know how radio waves propagate? 
Does anyone yet know how gravity works?

There are increasing numbers of countries deploying PKI for national 
level ID, so I think that we will get there, including trust for 
transactions with commercial organisations. But, as I have alluded to a 
little while ago, the software typically used on our PCs seems too often 
to confuse.

(Currently I'm having to think about whether one will be able to trust 
mobile phones with NFC added as a means to accept and use high value 
tickets - public transport, events - plus making micro or even bigger 
payments... It will come, along with some disasters.)


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