Reporting scam emails to Met Police

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Sun Dec 4 16:45:28 GMT 2011

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>> Is the mere act of sending a phishing or other scam email a criminal 
>>offence? If so, we ought to be able to report it through actionfraud, 
>>but it appears that they don't want that.
>Fraud Act, 2006, s 2:  "fraud by false representation"
>Part of the problem at the moment that PCeCU, SOCA e-crime and the City 
>of London Police all claim jurisdiction over these offences - it is 
>this confusion that the new government strategy is supposed to 

Surely they all could have jurisdiction, but they might be contending 
for who is the "lead authority".

>However all that is being said is that there will be a consolidation, 
>not how it will be achieved.

It's worth considering reinstating the function of the NHTCU, being both 
an adviser to local forces, but also investigating the whole range of 
issues (not just the "serious" ones).
Roland Perry

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