Shopping centre uses mobile phone data to "monitor visitor levels"

John Wilson tugwilson at
Tue Aug 23 17:14:46 BST 2011

On 23 August 2011 16:28, James Firth <james2 at> wrote:
> After a tip from @antonyslumbers via Twitter it seems Path Intelligence have
> a prior association with Land Securities:
> Path Intelligence make some brave assertions, such as:
> "In developing FootPathT we have ensured that you cannot, at any time, be
> personally identified as a result of your travel through premises in which
> FootPathT operates."

Path Intelligence Ltd also don't appear to be on the Data Protection
Public Register. Now it may be that what they collect isn't covered by
the DPA but it's pretty hard to run a business in the UK without
having to register.

John Wilson

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