Card transactions by proxy

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Wed Apr 6 11:31:22 BST 2011

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   Peter Mitchell <otcbn at> wrote:
> > (and I realise one of the
> > characteristics of conspiracies is that no-one will talk,
> > and that low-paid bank cashiers are fully sworn-in
> > members of the conspiracy who will die before they talk)

> Ah, I didn't think it'd be long before that one came up.

> Invoking the Argumentum Ad Conspiratorium routine naturally 
> decides the matter in your favour immediately. At least for 
> those here who believe that commercial organisations, 
> especially banks, always follow the very highest ethical 
> principles when dealing with their customers. I'm not sure 
> any such person still exists though.

Wel, we're drifting away from Crypto, but what the . . 

I'm with Ian on this one.  As he said

>> Junior staff who don't understand the system think that their
>> employer would want them to do this, and therefore do it. The
>> only thing such a policy would do, if it existed, would be to
>> trigger expensive FSA-reportable complaints.  If you can find
>> any evidence at all that such a policy is in operation at a
>> produce it.   The FSA will (see - URL SNIPPED for their
>> current regulations) will be very interested to hear it.

I think it stands up without the conspiracy reference - which I
assume was ironic.

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