Card transactions by proxy

Laurence Taylor laurence at
Tue Apr 5 22:29:32 BST 2011

In message <rxfj+e+LyHmNFA4z at> Roland Perry writes:

> My council closed their "cash office" for good last Friday. Although it 
> also took cheques, and Credit Cards for a £2 fee.
> Apparently, if I want to pay in person now, I have to find a PayPoint, 
> but I doubt they take cheques and certainly don't take debit or credit 
> cards.

Put your cheque (or, I suppose, card number) in an envelope, deal
it, and hand it in at the front desk.

I've done this with more than one organisation that claimed they
couldn't take payments over the counter, and it never failed. One
of them even posted me a (n unrequested) receipt!

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