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Tue Apr 5 10:16:56 BST 2011

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>>the local HSBC branch; which has another  interesting feature - they 
>>have no counter service, just a range of  machines in the lobby that I 
>>doubt you can use for paying into random  accounts, rather than 
>>accounts you have a special card for].
>If it's like my local HSBC branch, yes you can. These
>machines have built-in OCR/scanners allowing you to feed in
>the Bank Giro Credit slip and your cheque, and the machine
>reads them and somehow pays the money over from your
>chequing account into the collection account via Giro (whatever that 
>is), and prints you a receipt. You don't need to have an HSBC account 
>or a card.

Where do you get the Giro Credit slip from, for Council tax?

One of my Credit Card providers stopped printing a Giro slip on the 
bottom of the statements a year ago "to save paper". although there's 
still as much paper, just a saving of ink in the blank space where the 
giro slip used to be. I can only pay them electronically now.
Roland Perry

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