Register of Electors by internet

David Walters david at
Fri Oct 1 16:21:32 BST 2010

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Peter Fairbrother <zenadsl6186 at> wrote:
> But I think that misses one point, which is why there is a centralised site
> for electoral registration at all.
> AIUI these registers are kept by the local councils, not centrally. Why
> can't the Councils just do it themselves? Why have a third party do it?

The reverse question is why have every council re-invent the wheel and
build their own site at tax payer expense.

> I don't know the details of the thinking behind this, if any, but it seems
> on the face of it to be yet another centralising information grab by
> someone.

I don't think that is the motivation of the Electoral Reform Society
when they created Electoral Reform Services but I'm perhaps just

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