Register of Electors by internet

Peter Fairbrother zenadsl6186 at
Fri Oct 1 16:04:25 BST 2010

Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Peter Tomlinson <pwt at> writes:
>> which immediately offers me:
>> and Kaspersky IS chokes on the digital certificate, because the issuer isn't
>> included in its base set of trusted certificate providers.
> When I try and connect there I get a year-old (i.e. not hurriedly-replaced)
> Verisign cert.

Yes, I think it's likely to be a real site, for some value of "real".

But I think that misses one point, which is why there is a centralised 
site for electoral registration at all.

AIUI these registers are kept by the local councils, not centrally. Why 
can't the Councils just do it themselves? Why have a third party do it?

I don't know the details of the thinking behind this, if any, but it 
seems on the face of it to be yet another centralising information grab 
by someone.

And that's bad, for the reasons we all know - a centralised database 
contains all the data, so it's the one best place to look if you want to 
be able to access any particular data, or all the data.

Security nightmare.

-- Peter Fairbrother

(slightly drunk, hope this is clear)

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