Contactless bank cards

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Fri Nov 19 10:51:16 GMT 2010

Peter Mitchell wrote:
> Peter Tomlinson wrote  on 19-11-10 09:30:
>> Roland Perry wrote:
>>> ps A paywave and an Oyster presumably don't interfere, because 
>>> Barclays have a card with both.
>> To labour the point a little, the interference discussed here has two 
>> sources:
> I don't understand all this - is it OK just to cut the wire loop 
> instead, or would that disable the card entirely (including the chip)? 
Assuming that they don't have a loop integrity detector that is checked 
when you use the contact interface, it is very likely that cutting the 
loop will not stop the chip working in contact mode. But the very fact 
that we are discussing this might make the card issuers put in a detector...


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