Contactless bank cards

Ian Batten igb at
Fri Nov 19 10:06:34 GMT 2010

> Phonepayplus fixed that (I think) by putting the money into quarantine to give some chance of reclaiming it for the customers. Paypal does much the same these days for new traders and some sectors. Maybe Paywave could have a similar scheme - although surely the banks have to refund the customers whatever, so it's a choice that's internal to the banking system.

The studio gym I go to spent their first year having the wait 30 days for payment: it was apparently standard practice for their processing company when dealing with new companies in the leisure sector.  

I also presume that part of the Ts and Cs for merchants is using the equipment as issued: collecting payments in a scenario which can only be executed by high-powered antennae with in-line amplifiers clearly breaches that.


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