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>> But will be discovered as soon as one person challenges their credit 
>>card bill. It's not the kind of thing a rogue minimum wage employee is 
>>going to set up.
>No, it requires corporate fraud, sadly the norm nowadays.

Thread drift, then. The attack we started off with was a minimum wage 
till operator doing a shuffle with £10 notes and hoping the till 
balanced at the end of the day.

>I've been  in trouble for being the "one honest man" before now - no 
>names, no  pack drill.
>Nick's scenario is the most realistic threat - "Admission £5.00".

They'll still get complaints pretty quickly, or are we expecting 
something like Premium Rate scams - set up the phone line at 5.01pm on a 
Friday and disappear with the cash a 8.59am on Monday?

Phonepayplus fixed that (I think) by putting the money into quarantine 
to give some chance of reclaiming it for the customers. Paypal does much 
the same these days for new traders and some sectors. Maybe Paywave 
could have a similar scheme - although surely the banks have to refund 
the customers whatever, so it's a choice that's internal to the banking 

>I  realise that you and Jennifer would never stumble into a low dive 
>like that; unless you were with me, or Goodwins, or Oliver, or many  of 
>the other reprobates that you know. :=)

I think I'm going to use the "two card trick". As I have two different 
Barclaycards, presumably this will happen anyway.

ps A paywave and an Oyster presumably don't interfere, because Barclays 
have a card with both.
Roland Perry

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