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On 18 Nov 2010, at 17:28, Roland Perry wrote:

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>> However, even in circular form it would easily fit the "Entrance  
>> £5" scenario posited by Nick (I think) where it could be concealed  
>> in a premise's entrance, or disguised as one of the loop antenna  
>> used in shop entrances for theft prevention, which we all walk  
>> past and  ignore every day.
> But will be discovered as soon as one person challenges their  
> credit card bill. It's not the kind of thing a rogue minimum wage  
> employee is going to set up.

No, it requires corporate fraud, sadly the norm nowadays. I've been  
in trouble for being the "one honest man" before now - no names, no  
pack drill.

Nick's scenario is the most realistic threat - "Admission £5.00". I  
realise that you and Jennifer would never stumble into a low dive  
like that; unless you were with me, or Goodwins, or Oliver, or many  
of the other reprobates that you know. :=)

>> In practice, I think this is probably a greater  threat than purse  
>> surfing or whatever moniker we come up with for it.
> Purse surfing is a good name.

It has a ring, better still, it has a slightly salacious note. I  
don't know why, but it does. I expect to be cited correctly. ;-) [Fx,  
Homer voice: Mmmmm, purse surfing]

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> Roland Perry

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