Contactless bank cards

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Thu Nov 18 08:28:28 GMT 2010

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>In an ideal world where all the retailers ensure that the cash
>drawer is not opened for card transactions (except those using
>cash-back) your argument might be valid; but I don't live in that
>ideal world, and neither do most people.

One of the associated problems (which I do see in the field) with tills 
that don't open the drawer for a credit card transaction, is that when 
the cashier closes the drawer by accident before giving a customer his 
change or cashback, they have to wait until the next cash (not card) 
transaction comes along before being able to rectify the situation.

Perhaps they could also call some sort of manager to sort it out, but 
when I've seen this happen they seem to prefer to keep the hapless/ 
changeless customer hanging around waiting.

In the old days, manual tills used to have a "No Sale" they could ring 
up - no doubt covering a multitude of sins.
Roland Perry

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