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>If the criminal is a shop assistant on minimum wage, then five fake 
>transactions a day can double his income.

And the cloned cards - they are free?

>> And I'm unsure whether it's technically possible to "skim" a paywave 
>>card and use that information to create a clone that can be used to 
>>buy  things.
>I wasn't thinking of skimming and cloning but of remotely reading 
>genuinecards in people's pockets or handbags.

Oh really. Does the shop assistant have a ten foot diameter aerial and a 
megawatt transmitter, in order to read these cards? And you are 
expecting this fraud to take place by trying to read a card, from a 
random one of the people standing the queues???

>>> You pocket cash out of the till, and make up the shortfall with 
>>>phoney  card transactions. All the merchant knows is that he has sold 
>>>1000  doughnuts today and taken a total of £3,500 in cash and bank 
>>>debits;  he can't check how each doughnut was paid for.
>>  His EPOS system should tell him that.

Because the items are rung up by pressing buttons with "doughnut" 
written on them (this is why it takes so long, finding the right button) 
and then the assistant has to select "cash or card" to either open the 
drawer or activate the Card-pad.

>>>>> In fact, thinking about it, I predict the next step: banks will
>>>>> soon stop listing card transactions under £10 in value on the bank
>>>>> statement. Rather like phone companies don't itemise cheap calls.
>>>>  Phone companies do itemise cheap calls.
>>> Mine (BT) doesn't list calls under 40p.
>>  Maybe you need a different sort of bill
>It doesn't matter what I personally need

It's a turn of phrase.

>- I was simply pointing out that Ian's statement was incorrect.

You sounded disappointed at only getting calls over 40p listed - or were 
you boasting that you've simplified your billing by accepting this 
restriction? Whichever it is, BT do have bills with all call itemised.
Roland Perry

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