Contactless bank cards

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Thu Nov 18 08:23:27 GMT 2010

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>> Is a "stand-alone" unit something different?
>It isn't cordless, for a start off: mains power, and a hardline telephone.

But you aren't going to run round the room with a cord-attached 
terminal, rubbing it on people's pockets. So the usage mode is 
different. The attack would rely upon one of these "RF-bridges" between 
a device held onto a concealed terminal, and something that you are 
running round the room with.

And you are probably restricted to having an accomplice rubbing up 
against random strangers, because someone who is in the act of paying 
will have his wallet in his hand (to give you the cash that you then 
pocket) and will probably notice you trying to get close enough to the 
wallet with the "remote" end of such a bridge.
Roland Perry

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