Contactless bank cards

Ian Johnson Ian.Johnson at
Wed Nov 17 16:39:49 GMT 2010

On Behalf Of Roland Perry:
> Sent: 17 November 2010 16:16
> Do you mean "cordless"? I've covered those.
> I've seen cordless units in eateries, I've never seen one elsewhere.
> Is a "stand-alone" unit something different?

I'm another that can't see the source of confusion.

I use an old fashioned motorcycle garage.  They don't even have a till, just
handwritten bills.  C&P m/c on counter - wired (power/phone). If you pay by
card the owner types in the amount, you authenticate.

A toy shop in Tenby I use has a card machine that again isn't connected to
tills in any way. On holiday this year the wife was paying at one till, I
at another - The total was put through as a single transaction (at a 3rd


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