Contactless bank cards

Jon Ribbens jon+ukcrypto at
Wed Nov 17 16:53:51 GMT 2010

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 04:15:50PM +0000, Roland Perry wrote:
> Do you mean "cordless"? I've covered those.

No you haven't, you just said "except if it's cordless" without
explaining why they don't count for whatever it is we're talking

> Is a "stand-alone" unit something different?

I meant "stand-alone" as in "not relying on a till to enable the
transaction". I don't see how it matters if the terminal's connection
to the bank is wired, WiFi, bluetooth, GSM or whatever.

As to how you could connect a victim's contactless card to a terminal
that is "far away", surely it is not hard to conceive of a device
which you hold near the card which does nothing but receive and
transmit to the card, and then forward this conversation on via,
e.g. WiFi, to a terminal further away - even assuming that for some
reason you couldn't put a wireless PDQ terminal in your pocket.

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