Contactless bank cards

David Walters david at
Tue Nov 16 10:55:25 GMT 2010

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 10:41 AM, Ian Batten <igb at> wrote:
>>> His EPOS system should tell him that.
>> How?
> It breaks down transactions by payment type.  It'll say "£300 cards, £600 cash".  And if there's not £600 in the till, there's a problem.  Oddly enough, large EPOS systems have been subject to attempted fraud before.  The old favourite was getting a crooked till assistant to accept stolen cheques in exchange for cash from the till, which is the same route you're trying to use.

As Peter points out that requires the shop assistant to press the
right button when taking payment.

If someone buys £3.50 of rabbit food and gives me cash then I can
pocket it while putting through a card transaction and the till will
still be correct. It requires a fair amount of slight of hand for the
customer to not spot it, especially if they need change, although they
are unlikely to be watching very closely.

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