Contactless bank cards

Ian Batten igb at
Tue Nov 16 10:41:41 GMT 2010

>> His EPOS system should tell him that.
> How? 

It breaks down transactions by payment type.  It'll say "£300 cards, £600 cash".  And if there's not £600 in the till, there's a problem.  Oddly enough, large EPOS systems have been subject to attempted fraud before.  The old favourite was getting a crooked till assistant to accept stolen cheques in exchange for cash from the till, which is the same route you're trying to use.

>>>>> In fact, thinking about it, I predict the next step: banks will
>>>>> soon stop listing card transactions under £10 in value on the bank
>>>>> statement. Rather like phone companies don't itemise cheap calls.
>>>> Phone companies do itemise cheap calls.
>>> Mine (BT) doesn't list calls under 40p.
>> Maybe you need a different sort of bill 
> It doesn't matter what I personally need - I was simply pointing out that Ian's statement was incorrect. 

If we're playing pedant, "There are phone companies that do itemise cheap calls".  Vodafone do, for example: my bill is fully itemised, even though I make no off-contract calls.


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