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Mary Hawking maryhawking at
Sun Aug 22 08:33:45 BST 2010

Sorry to ask this here, but can anyone tell me how banks are supposed to
acquire specimen signatures for cheques or point me to any relevant URLs?

My bank refused to honour a cheque on the grounds that it did not match the
mandated signature.

With some difficulty, I got a sight of the said signature, obtained in 2002
abd scanned in in 2004. The bank is unable to tell me where the signature
came from: it could have been from something I signed or taken from a

Surely there must be some regulations or at the least internal bank
regulations on this? Seeing I've been with the same bank since 1961 and the
same branch since 1979, it seems a bit odd to only get a signature in 2002!

(and it has become more flamboyant compared to the signature they hold - so
why have other, similarly large, cheques been honoured without problems?)


Mary Hawking



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