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>> Bracknell ...  Kidsgrove ...  West Gorton ... Dalkeith

Different buildings used to be known internally by their street, not 
town. So until you got familiar with the mapping you would hear people 
referring to (eg) Cavendish Rd; and have no idea where it was. There was 
also an extensive internal phone system, which also tended to obfuscate 
peoples' location, as you never needed[1] to dial out on the public 

>With the exception of the last, all of them part of the psycho- 
>geography of Fujitsu (as inheritors of ICL) up until recently. 
>Bracknell's still there, with the former machine room now a staging 
>area for shipping equipment.  Kidsgrove and West Gorton I think closed 
>recently (I went to West Gorton in its dying days).  I think you've 
>also mentioned Stevenage, which is still there.

There were also plants spread around Letchworth. I worked (as a 2980 
systems specialist) at the Engineering Training Centre for a short 
period in 77/78. Last time I looked on Google Maps the site was a 
housing estate.

And yes, lots of pettiness I'm afraid.

[1] Nor was one allowed to without permission. No private calls during 
the day either, which is instrumental in why I campaign about such 
things even today.
Roland Perry

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