Being safe on the internet (was Re: Here we go again - ISP DPI, but is it interception?)

Roland Perry lists at
Wed Aug 4 17:31:36 BST 2010

In article <op.vgw21f126hl8nm at>, Charles Lindsey 
<chl at> writes
>> Although I am aware that this falls foul of the Law Enforcement model 
>>that if you stumble over an unlocked door, that doesn't mean you are 
>>allowed to open it and go inside. Although I might characterise it 
>>more   as looking through a window where someone has failed to draw 
>>the   curtains.
>But where there is a well understood convention/understanding that 
>unlocked doors in a particular street inply an invitation to enter, 
>that  would not apply.
>In the case of the WWW, that convention is widely understood to apply.

As it is (or perhaps used to be - I'm showing my age) in Oxbridge 
college rooms. "Sporting the Oak" being the reverse.
Roland Perry

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