Random fixes to userv-utils

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon Oct 2 18:06:24 BST 2017

Mark Wooding writes ("Random fixes to userv-utils"):
> I had to fix this in the course of deploying Hippotat; my fixes are in
>         https://git.distorted.org.uk/~mdw/userv-utils/
> in the branch
>         mdw/fixes       395a5bb98cfc2cb709586ac062cf353514daf280

Merged to master, thanks.

> I don't believe there's anything controversial here (except possibly for
> my slightly snarky commit messages).

Hah.  I'm afraid you are right.  On my laptop, which is where I care
about the interface name feature and am using the new config syntax,
I'm using "hostnet".


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