secnet robustness: tolerate SLIP decoding errors

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Wed Jul 3 23:20:19 BST 2013

Simon Tatham writes ("secnet robustness: tolerate SLIP decoding errors"):
> As discussed with Ian on Sunday, I attach a patch to secnet which
> makes it stop treating SLIP decoding failures as fatal error
> conditions worthy of assertion failure or secnet termination, and
> instead logs them and resynchronises at the next packet boundary.

Cor, this is quite a complicated way of doing this.  It makes what did
seem quite a simple (but fragile) function into quite a fiddly one.
Perhaps it would have been easier to rewrite this function but perhaps

Anyway I have decided not to push this quibble.  I have applied the
patch, and fixed the trailing whitespace on this line:
	    } else if (outputchr != OUTPUT_NOTHING) {
which git-am warned me about.

BTW, I'm not sure how useful the distinction is that you're making
between your covering notes and your commit messages.  In some cases
you seem to be writing the same thing twice and in your previous patch
I found myself copying some of the covering note into the commit
message.  In general I don't think you need to explain again in the
covering note what's already said in the commit message.  If that
means you don't end up with a covering note then that's less
bureaucracy :-).


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