secnet bug: tun and mobile sites [and 1 more messages]

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Wed Jul 3 23:02:42 BST 2013

Simon Tatham writes ("secnet bug: tun and mobile sites"):
> secnet's 'tun' netlink will add and remove kernel routing table
> entries during PHASE_RUN if the OPT_SOFTROUTE option is set.
> However, at startup during PHASE_GETRESOURCES it will set up routes
> for a site only if that site lists an address. So if you have a site
> in your sites file with no address but also haven't enabled
> OPT_SOFTROUTE (e.g. because you run secnet so that it drops privs),
> then no route for that site will _ever_ be set up.

Thanks for this patch.  I have applied it.  I included your
explanation of the bug in the commit message.

> (See also bdd4351ff2fc6dc8b1dad689f751ac46347636cf, which seems to
> be fixing the analogous bug for userv-ipif.)

That seems to be an empty commit, which seems to have been
incorporated due to some kind of vcs glitch.  The actual code change
is in the earlier commit 04f92904ea6c41517ff7154910c16ef4c3bc646b
which has an identical commit message.

Simon Tatham writes ("Re: secnet bug: tun and mobile sites"):
> Oh, I've just noticed a previous mailing list message muttering
> about Signed-off-by lines. If my patch is acceptable, please feel
> free to add to my commit message the line
> Signed-off-by: Simon Tatham <anakin at>

Thanks, done.


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