rsbackup 3.0

Richard Kettlewell rjk at
Sat Dec 19 12:26:40 GMT 2015

I have released rsbackup 3.0.


   rsbackup is a backup tool that uses rsync to back up your files to
   hard disks.
      * It uses rsync’s ability to hardlink unchanged files together to
        keep multiple copies with only the space cost of the
      * Backups may be taken from multiple machines (using SSH) and
        stored to multiple filesystems, which could be fixed or
        external disks.
      * Old backups are removed automatically, using flexible per-volume
      * The current backup status can be generated as a file or sent as
        an email, with plain text and HTML format supported.
      * Hook features are provided to allow operator-supplied programs
        to be run at key points during the backup process, to ensure
        that devices are mounted, to support backing up via snapshots,

Changes in 3.0:

  * Pruning now supports selectable, and pluggable, pruning policies.
    See the PRUNING section of the man page for further information.
    The default behavior matches previous versions. Fixes issue #7.
  * Advance warning: the min-backups and prune-age directives are now
    deprecated in their current form and will produce a warning. In
    some future version they will be removed. Instead, use
    prune-parameter min-backups and prune-parameter prune-age.
  * Advance warning: the public, always-up, check-mounted and traverse
    directives now take an explicit boolean argument. Using them
    without an argument is now deprecated (but has not changed in
    meaning). In some future version the argument will become mandatory.
  * Removal of backups (when pruning, or retiring a volume) now
    parallelizes removal across devices. Fixes issue #24.
  * The rsync-timeout and hook-timeout directives are now inherited, as
    documented. ssh-timeout becomes inherited too. The sendmail
    directive is now documented.
  * Host and volume names may no longer start with “-”.
  * --dump-config --verbose now annotates its output. Some options
    missed by --dump-config are now output.
  * A C++11 compiler and Boost are now required


SHA1 hashes:

   c7794add80f16b1b13f1f635f79bcd503ca52128  rsbackup-3.0.tar.gz
   c9120cc25b73c37b3afd487f8ae42472cf9922f3  rsbackup_3.0_amd64.deb


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