[Debian-uk] London - Cambridge

Peter Green plugwash-urgent at p10link.net
Thu Jul 21 13:30:04 BST 2016

On 18/07/16 21:41, Geert Stappers wrote:

> Direct Flights  AMS - CBG are price wise no fun.
Yeah, Afaict CBG is mostly a general aviation airport. At least 
according to wikipedia there are currently no scheduled commercial 
flights there (though there were until a couple of months ago).

> Which London airport do you recomment connection wise?
> What will be the expected travell time?
The main public transport options are trains and national express coaches.

 From central london to cambridge train is the best option. The trains 
leave from Kings Cross station which is just across the road from St 
Pancras station and also close to Kings Cross, St pancras underground 

However none of the major "London" airports are actually in central 
london (London city airport is but I would struggle to call it major). I 
looked up some options below. Note that these times are to the rail 
station for trains and either the city center or "trumpington park and 
ride" for coaches. Add a bit for local travel. Looks like for public 
transport Stansted is best followed by Luton. Heathrow and Gatwick are 
about the same.

Stansted looks the best the best option as it is on the same side as 
cambridge and has direct trains. About 30 minuites on the train.
Luton is a similar gegraphic distance but there is no direct train line. 
Coaches are available but are fairly slow (1 hour 20 minuites) or you 
can go in and out of london by train (fortunately luton connects to St 
Pancras so there is no time wasting tube connection) which takes a 
similar ammount of time.
Heathrow is on the west side of London, there is a direct coach but it 
takes over two hours. Tube followed by train takes a similar ammount of 
time. The Heathrow express train gets you to london faster than the tube 
but it's more expensive and dumps you at the wrong station in London.
Gatwick is south of London, looks like train followed by tube followed 
by train is the best option here. Again arround two hours.

Car journeys are likely to be quicker for most of the airports but you 
have all the hassle of hiring a car and finding somewhere to park it.

I agree with the other posts that once you take into account the end 
effects of flying that Eurostar is likely a good option. Eurostar drops 
you off at St Pancras so it's an easy change onto the train to cambridge.

When getting trains from london to cambridge look them up online first. 
Frequently the first train to leave Kings Cross is not the first train 
to arrive in cambridge.

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