[Debian-uk] London - Cambridge

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Jul 20 15:56:05 BST 2016

Wookey writes ("Re: [Debian-uk] London - Cambridge"):
> There is of course a train all the way from Amsterdam. Which is about
> 1/10th the emissions, not much slower and rather more civilised as you
> get power and are allowed to take dangerous shit like water and a
> penknife with you.

I would not consider flying to Amsterdam, purely on grounds of comfort
and convenience.  Unlike airlines and airports, railways tend to treat
you as a human being, rather than a particularly annoying kind of
self-loading cargo.

>  http://seat61.com/Netherlands.htm#by%20Eurostar
> (from £47 each way).

The fast trains from London to Cambridge depart from Kings Cross,
which is part of the Kings Cross St Pancras complex (where the high
speed trains from Brussels and Paris get in).  KGX-CBG ~50 minutes,
mostly half-hourly.

If you need any help with booking engines etc. let me know.

> Or you can use the 'Dutch Flyer' and get the ferry to Harwich. Slower,
> but the ferry is mostly overnight, so rather civilised. Only 80% lower
> emissions that way. It's a little mini-cruise as they've now got a
> massive cruis-ship type ferry on that route.

I have used the ferry but personally prefer the train.


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