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Jonathan Wiltshire jmw at debian.org
Mon Jul 18 22:11:34 BST 2016

On 2016-07-18 21:50, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Geert Stappers
> (Not sure if you're subscribed, so Cc-ing you.  Apologies for the
> possible dupe.)
>> Please advice me for  London - Cambridge
>>   * Train?
>>   * Rental car?
>>   * Bus?
>>   * Special "high speed"  bus / train ?
> I'd recommend the train from London itself. From LHR/LGW, there's a bus
> and it works, but takes a while.  Cheaper than train, though.

Make sure to get an express train and not a stopper or you'll be on it 
all day. If you find yourself in LHR you should get the underground to 
King's Cross station and then an express train; from STN it's easier.

>> Which London airport do you recomment connection wise?
> Stansted is practically in Cambridge already, and the preferred airport
> for most low-cost airlines, so if you can fly in there, that + train to
> Cambridge itself makes the most sense, IMO.

I would definitely go for STN if possible, it's generally a bit cheaper 
from AMS anyway.

(it will be a shame not to be able to meet you, I'm not there this year)

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